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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Naija Jokes - Bad Market

Ndi Igbo shared the following link and had this to say about it:


Bad market is when your fiance invites you over to meet his family and on getting there, his elder brother is your ex, the father is your sugar daddy and the mum is d woman you just insulted inside danfo.

Bad Market is when you chop the only fish head (isi-azu/ori-eja) wey remain for pot of soup, without knowing say na that fish-head your Malleh wan take arrange nite-food for your Palleh.... My dear, na that night your Papa go disown if you no vomit that ishi azu.

Bad Market is when a lady dey sleep come dey dream where she dey give birth for Hospital bed. The nurses come dey tell her pussssssssh, she just dey push dey go. When she finally woke up, she come see say na shit she dey shit for bed.

Bad Market is when you as a guyman, ask a girl to give you her number after toasting her, she come give you her pallee number. You come decide to call her at midnight for romantic chat... My dear your name go turn to "Error in network connection".

Bad Market is when you don arrange your room finish, come lie down on top of bed dey wait for one Chikala wey you invite to your house. As you hear knock, naso you rush as sharp guy go open door thinking say na your latest Chikala, you come see say na your mallee came from villa.. O man! Na yawa gas sooo..

Bad Market is when you mistakenly use weed (Igbo leaf) cook jollof rice thinking say na scent leaf or curry leaf ... Oga, na Fela or Bob Marley go wake you up for New York when you eat the Rice finish.

Bad market is when you as a babe, follow guy go joint, you just dey chop every every, in fact all the gbogbontigbo na your belle e enter, isiewu, point & kill, cow tail & goat meat pepper soup, peppered snail, fried peppered meat, fried peppered gizzard.... And as your boy friend excuse you go piss; he no return; hmm your name pass sorry.

Bad market is when conductor slap passenger, the passenger did not talk and when the guy wanted to drop, the conductor now discovered that the guy is wearing MOPOL trousers and shoes.

Hahahahahahahaha happy sunday Oº°˚˚˚°
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