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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Idiot Number 18...

See How Men Are Suffering?
If u are a man and u want to live a long life, please don't go near ur woman's phone unless u have shock-absorbers like me.

I just got home now and met my neighbour (Emeka) crying like a baby, then we got talking:

Me: Mekus wetin happen now...who die nau???

Emeka: Bros na Amaka o

Me: Chizoooooosu!!! amaka don die????

Emeka: My brother had it bn she even die sef I no go cry...dis girl has finished me ooo

Me: Oya please calm down and tell me what happened.

Emeka: Can u imagine Amaka dat av bn paying her school fees up to her final year now use "idiot" to save my name in her phone....

Me: Mshhhhhhhhhhh [hissing] na d "idiot" dey pain u??? Even makin u cry? U get time my broda...

Emeka: Bros no be d "idiot" dey pain me, d tin is dat my own idiot is "idiot number 18"

Me: Hmmm my broda manage d idiot nau, afterall my own girl dat I want to marry use Evangelist David to save my name in her phone...

Emeka (laughing now): Na waoo at least dat one is even beta...

Me: Shut up! Wen I scrolled d phone further I saw 3 other evangelists (Ibe,Timothy and Jacob), then 2 pastors(Mike and Anthony), and den 4 Apostles (Chidi, Samuel, Mike and Greg), den 2 Rev (Chika and Ifeanyi) and then one bishop Francis....

Emeka: Hahahahahahaha may be dat bishop is d general overseer of her heart and u be ordinary branch pastor!!!

Good Day, Good People.
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