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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Akpors Again...

Akpors visit an hotel.
At the front desk, the following discussion with the reception lady:
 Akpor: hello pls am looking for Julie.
 Lady: sorry dirty guy, rough and stinky like you do not look for expensive Julie..!
 Akpors: I'm expensive...I have money.
<Overhearing the discussion going on Julie came to them>

 Julie: am Julie what do you want?
 Akpors: I need to see u..!
 Julie: b4 any guy can see me talkless of sleeping with me., he must hand me #50,000.

<Suprising Akpors brought out the money and they went in 4 about 5hrs..!>
<The next day Akpors come back again.!>

 Akpors: I want to see Julie.

<Julie came and demanded for another #50,000>
<Saying the same words, Akpors dips his hand into his pocket and brought out the money...>

<This also happened on the 3rd day>
<When they were done...>

 Akpors: I really enjoy You..,
 Julie: Mr Man, you are too much oh! Infact no guy ever had sex with me, 3 days in a row and gave me such money; You much be rich like that!!

 Akpors: Do you know Mr Ibu at the end of the street.
 Julie: Yes, he was my former Boss where I worked before.

 Akpors: Mr Ibu said you forgot your bag in his shop with #150,000 so he sent me to give u..!

 Gbam||| JULIE fainted.

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