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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Akpor has Facts...

An Oyinbo kid(white boy) came with his dad to warri as tourists, the oyinbo boy decided to show off to Akpors and his friends, so the following
argument went between them...

Oyibo Boi; I got Mc
... Akpors: i get Mr Biggs,

I got Mtv ,
we get Stv,

I got Mike TYson,
we get Bash Ali,

I got Elvis Presley
we get Fela Anikulapo kuti,

I got T. pain,
we get T.maya.

I got T.I,
we get M.I.

I got 2-pac,
we got 2-face.

I got Beyonce,
we get Genevieve.

I got Lil wayne,
We got Terry G.

I got Jay Z,

I got wiz khalifa,
we get wiz kid.

I got Hollywood,
we get nollywood

I got Silicon valley,
we get Computer village.

I got Las Vegas,
we get Lasgidi.

I got Miami Beach,
we get Lekki Beach.

I got Al Paccino,
we get Peter Edochie.

I got Pirate of d Caribbean,
we get Pirate of Aba.

I got beauty and the beast
we get Bianca and Ojukwu,

I got Mr Bean,
we get Mr Ibu,

I got American Lotto,
we get Baba Ijebu.

We fear Al Qaeda,
we fear Boko Haram

Akpors dey lieeeeee?????

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