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Friday, April 25, 2008


A guy was drinking in a bar when he noticed this beautiful young lady sitting next to him. He started chikking her. . .
"Hello there," says the man, "and what is your name?"

"Hello," giggles the woman, "I'm Stacey. What's yours?"

"I'm Jim."

"Jim, do you want to come over to my house tonight? I mean, right now??"

"Sure!" replies Jim, getting excited, "Let's go!"

So Stacey takes Jim to her house on and takes him to her room, on a first floor with a balcony.

Jim sits down on the bed and notices a picture of a man on Stacey's desk.

"Stacey, I noticed the picture of a man on your desk," Jim says.

"Yes? And what about it?" asks Stacey.

"Is it your brother?"

"No, it isn't, Jim!" Stacey giggles. Jim's eyes widen, suspecting that it might be Stacey's husband.

When he finally asks, "Is it your husband?"

Stacey giggles even more, "No, silly!" Jim was relieved and started relaxing on the bed.

"Then, it must be your boyfriend!"

Stacey giggles even more while nibbling on Jim's ear. She says, "No, silly!!"

"Then, who is it?" Jim asks, about pulling off his shoes. . .

Stacey replies, "That's me . . . "
". . . BEFORE my operation!!"

She (abi HE) barely finished when Jim hopped over d balcony and found himself in his car zooming into the night. . . .

(not in Naija oh!)

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